'Purrlates' mixes fitness with adoptable cats at the Lynchburg Humane Society

Sunflower wandered around the lobby of the Lynchburg Humane Society on Monday evening, seemingly unaware there was a Pilates class going on that she was supposed to be a part of. 

The Pilates class, better known as "Purrlates," is taught by Lucy Hathaway, who is working toward her certification and is building teaching hours. The guest of the hour for Purrlates was Sunflower, a spunky and adventurous female cat, estimated to be about 3 years old, who sported a cone and shaved belly due to a wound on her stomach that was fixed by a veterinarian. 

The humane society hopes Purrlates will become a biweekly event, rotating out adoptable cats and soon kittens when they become old enough to socialize.

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